Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Audrina Partridge Mixes Business with Pleasure

MTV reality show star Audrina Patridge looked bright in blue, as The Hills starlet mixed business with pleasure during a Saturday afternoon outing.

The 22-year-old brunette babe was spotted leaving her house, heading to a business office in Santa Monica before treating herself to a few new outfits at the DCMA Collective store on Melrose.

Meanwhile, according to an industry insider, Audrina’s recent nude photo scandal may have done wonders for boosting her into the next level of her career. “It is amazing what a nude scandal can do for one’s profile. We were all taken aback by the sudden interest in her appearance — it was crazy. Patridge certainly gave Paris a run for her money in terms of being able to pull a crowd.”

Commenting on the matter, Public Relations specialist Adam Weiss tells, “The nude pictures have already lifted Audrina’s profile — it was the most talked-about issue before ‘The Hills’ premiere. Everybody was searching the Web looking for Audrina’s pictures and with a bangin’ body like hers, who can blame them?”

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