Friday, April 10, 2009

Audrina Patridge Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors

It's no secret that Audrina Patridge's face has been looking a bit more streamlined lately. But she insists it's not the result of plastic surgery.

The Hills hottie told press, "People think I've got my nose done. My chin done. I just laugh at it. I'm just losing my baby fat - everyone grows up and changes."

Audrina added, "There's always rumors. People are always going to point things out and it's entertainment. It's funny. Doesn't bother me. Goes in one ear, out the other. I read it, forget it."

Meanwhile, Miss Patridge has been busy developing and shopping her new show around Hollywood. And she says she's not surprised that Lauren Conrad has announced that she's leaving The Hills after this season. "We were all pretty much ready to branch out. Go our separate ways. We feel like it's run its course."

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