Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lauren Conrad Makes Time For Friends

Up early in the morning, Lauren Conrad was spotted out roaming around as she left her friend's house in Brentwood on Wednesday (October 22).

Toting her Urban Detox drink in hand, the MTV reality starlet has been juggling a ful plate including her hit show The Hills, her fashion line and upcoming book series.

Talking about her three book release, LC recently told MTV, "I think because I have a reality show, they have low expectations. These aren't meant to be very serious books. They're very fun. They're a light read, so hopefully people will enjoy them."

Elaborating on the plot for the L.A. Candy book series, Conrad tells, "We threw around a few ideas, possibly on dating or fashion. But I love writing stories, so we came up with this idea of loosely basing it on my story, but with completely different people, just kind of the same situation. We can have fun with it, 'cause we spent five years on camera, and there was an entirely different story off camera, not being told. It'll focus on that side of it."

With the first book from the series due to hit stores next summer, Miss Conrad has already finished up the outline and will now write the novel. "I'm having a lot of fun with it," she said. "It's definitely a little bit more edgy. Just very real."

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