Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lauren Conrad: Lunch And Shopping

Always a fan of a good shopping spree, Lauren Conrad was spotted hitting up the trendy boutiques of 3rd Street in Los Aneles yesterday having a marvelous time.

The Hills starlet looked very fashionable in a white tank top teamed with a pleated red high-waisted skirt, sunglasses, and a pair of casual two-strap sandals. After awhile, she took a break with some gal pals for a late lunch at Joan's on Third.

And while LC is always putting on a smiley happy face, it seems that a series of disappointments, both personally and professionally, have caused her to spiral into a depp depression.

A close friend told press of a recent emotional breakdown. "She's an emotional train wreck. She usually doesn't lose it like that. But her life has spiraled out of control, and once she opened the floodgates, it was all over. She just crumpled, putting her head in her hands and sobbing."

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