Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lauren Conrad's Plate is Full

Wearing a wooly hat in the hot California sun, Lauren Conrad was spotted leaving her West Hollywood home to run a few errands on Saturday afternoon (September 13).

Besides taking care of her daily duties, the 22-year-old MTV reality starlet has been eagerly awaiting the debut of her dresses designed for the 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards next Sunday (September 21).

Along with the Emmy's, LC also recently announced that she'll be writing a young adult fiction book series for HarperCollins - with the three-book series to debut in summer 2009 and to be titled L.A. Candy.

"I've always loved books that I could lose myself in, ones that would transport me to another place, but had characters I could relate to," Conrad said. "I'm so excited to have this opportunity to write books like that for other readers."

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thatsnotmyname said...

she´s so beautiful!
i loooooooove the hills
nice blog;)