Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lauren Conrad: Keepin' Slim With Light Weight

Taking care of her daily errands, Lauren Conrad was spotted making her way around Los Angeles with a female companion on Tuesday (September 30).

Looking to be watching her figure, LC was toting around a bottle of Light Weight - which is a drink developed by physicians to increase calories burnt per hour.

Meanwhile, rumors keep building as to The Hills starlet's latest possible romance with My Boys actor Kyle Howard.

According to a report, Miss Conrad was out at Teddy's on Saturday night with Kyle in tow.

"They were making out and just totally being a couple," an insider said of the duo. "They were kissing all night."

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Anonymous said...


Where can I watch Episode 7 (Season 4)? I am in Australia and can't find it online.

The Hills For Life said...

Email me at thehills4life@gmail.com!