Monday, March 9, 2009

Lauren Conrad Looks Forward To Life After The Hills

The MTV hit show The Hills has been a part of Lauren Conrad's life since her high school days and now the star opens up about putting that chapter of her life to rest.

After 5 seasons, it has been decided that LC will no longer continue doing the show and that seems to be okay with her.

She recently told Us magazine, "I loved doing it and had so much fun, but it came to a point where I had done it long enough."

The 23-year-old cutie also chatted about what it was really like being on camera 24-7. She said, "There have been some scenes-extra scenes that'll probably never come out-of me getting upset and taking my mic off. I say 'I'm done!' and lock myself in my room."

Nonetheless, fans of Miss Conrad need not worry, The Hills Season 5 airs on April 6.

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